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Dom Lee

Freelance Film Editor


I enjoy creating and telling stories, whether that be through making my own films or collaborating with others to help tell theirs. I love exploring the many ways scenes can be assembled and refining until there as good as they can be. My love of film was kick started in 1997 with the first film I ever saw in a cinema, Star Wars. A few years later Lord of the Rings came out and seeing the spirit those films where made in I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.


‘Dom has worked on many of the Camelot Films productions and has shown his versatility as both an editor and sound designer.’ Matt Hookings- Writer/Producer

‘Dom is quietly professional, easy to work with, and has done a fantastic job of editing Scareycrows.  He has a great sense of timing which means he is excellent at building up tension or making the most of the humour in a scene’  Diana Townsend- Writer/Producer

‘Dom showed great commitment to our film, enhancing the project with his high quality work, speed and ability to contribute creative sound designRichard Gosling- Writer/Director -BabyBird

A glimpse of my work

Editing Showreel


Then & Now (Short)

Trailer Music

Bliss (Short)

Director, Writer & Editor

Scareycrows (Feature)


Jam Session (Short)

Director, Writer & Editor

‘O’ (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

One Life (Short)

Editor & Sound Mixer

Doug (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

Skip This Track (Music Video)

Director, Editor & Cinematographer

Pollen (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

Baby Bird (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

Shoe Polish (Short)

Editor & Sound Editor

The Marauders (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

God’s Gift (Short)

Sound Designer & Mixer

Motion (Short)

Director, Editor & Cinematographer

Insite (Short)

Editor, Sound Designer & Mixer

My Ramblings

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07583 926924 


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I’m always happy to discuss potential projects or answer questions about previous work.